Need an SA Speaker for your group?


Are you willing to tell your story?


The Southeastern Region of SA (SASERA) has developed a list of potential speakers who are willing to tell their story to another group. Information on potential speakers is collected and maintained off the internet to avoid potential concerns of anonymity.

The intent is to help those groups with smaller membership or members with less sobriety to have the opportunity to hear the experience, strength and hope of a fellow SA member who may have more recovery. It also gives any group the opportunity to hear someone from another area and provide a wider range of experiences.

This service also aids established groups or marathons with a resource to find other speakers not in their geographic area or unknown to them.

If you are willing to help and are willing to tell your story either in person, via skype or perhaps over the phone to another group and would like to a part of this program, please email saspeakers@gmail.com to get more information.

Information collected will help match potential speakers with the specific needs that a requesting group may have on specific topics or recovery in general.

If you are a group whether it be small or large and are interested in finding a speaker, please email saspeakers@gmail.com to get more information.

Speaker Information

All speaker information will be maintained in an excel spreadsheet not on the internet.

Requirements for speakers to participate:

  1. At least 3 years sobriety
  2. Approval of their sponsor
  3. Working the 12th step (carrying message and sponsoring others)
  4. And you agree and support the Addendum to the Statement of Principle passed by the General Delegate Assembly on July 8, 2016.

Information will include:

Name, sobriety date, email contact, phone (optional), location(city, state).  Optional information may be collected for willingness to travel, distance willing to travel,  topics most often discussed in story(lust in the marriage, maintaining sobriety in the group, lust, chronic relapse),skype available, special needs (diabetic, gluten free), special notation (such as spouse willing to travel and speak to SA-Anon group), availability times (weeknights, weekends).

Groups seeking a Speaker

Groups can send an email indicating their specific speaker needs or a general request. It should contain information about any special topic desires, willingness to pay travel, day of the week requested, hosting availability, if they would like someone with a spouse willing to speak to SA-Anon.

Contact saspeakers@gmail.com with questions, requests or additional information.